Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year! 

Are you starting out the new year with new goals? Excellent! How are they going? Are you still committed? Here's a tip to help you keep focused and be successful.

Keep it simple. If you have numerous goals that you are trying to accomplish, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Instead choose two or three goals that you can focus on. Or, break a big goal into smaller steps. Ask this question... which one of these goals would dramatically change my life if I were to accomplish it? Here is where you need to focus. 

Take this goal that you are passionate about, own it, and do simple, small steps, every day, until you accomplish it. Then move on to your next goal. 

If you have a goal to lose 20 pounds by May 1st, break it down into smaller steps. Perhaps to lose 5 pounds by February 15th.  By doing this, the goal will not feel overwhelming and you can easily find simple things to do to reach the smaller goal. 

Exercise integrity in the moment. Ask empowering questions. Do I need that extra soda? Do I really need those fries? Can I exercise 10 more minutes right now? Make better decisions.

If you blow it for one meal, so what? Instead of saying, "I'll start again next week," decide to be better at the next meal. 

Successful goal setters do certain things and keeping things simple is one of them. If you don't seem to be going in the right direction, make small changes and continue to ask, what's the most important thing I need to do right now to accomplish my goal, right now. Do this consistently, and you will soon be celebrating your successes, moving on to new goals, and taking your life in a new direction. I wish you much success.

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