Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Word or Two, Maybe Three, of Thanks

I recently did a presentation at the HealthToasters Toastmasters club as they celebrated their 20th anniversary. I was asked to a talk on what Toastmasters had done for me. I agreed, but immediately realized I had a dilemma. As a speaker, the last thing you ever want to do is stand in front of an audience and talk about "me."

As I thought about the answer to the question on what I had learned from Toastmasters, it would have been easy to just say that I have been able to improve my communication and leadership skills. As I really put more thought into the question, I thought about all the speeches that I had given through 10 years. I thought about all the leadership positions that I have had the opportunity to serve in and all of the leaders that I have had the opportunity to serve under and with. I think of all the feedback that I have received in each of these roles. 

The feedback. Through the years, hundreds of people have given me effective feedback on what I was doing right, but more importantly, on how to be better. Through all of this feedback, I have been able to learn, refine, and gradually improve. I have discovered that I have a passion for all things related to Attitude. In short, I found my voice. 

Now I am using my voice to help people find their voice, or change their lives with simple attitude changes.

Toastmasters has some incredible programs and tools, but it is the people that make the programs a success. I am grateful for all the people that have taken the time to give me the encouragement, support and feedback through the years. What a beautiful gift. To all the dedicated Toastmasters that have made and continue to make a difference in my life, I offer my sincere gratitude. Many thanks!

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