Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let The Whole World Know

Let The Whole World Know is a business in Duluth that specializes in Indoor and Outdoor Signs, Banners and Graphics. I’ve been using their services for about 8 months to do printing on Toastmasters Banners. Recently, one of the banner’s came back and the printing was a little blurred. They didn’t charge me for the printing.

After discussion with other Toastmasters leaders, we felt that the banner was not exactly what we wanted and decided to start over with a new banner. I called Let the Whole World Know and talked with the owner Carol Willoughby. She was wonderful and before knowing the cost said that she would replace the banner. The thing that really struck me was that even over the phone, she sounded thrilled to have the opportunity to make this right for us. She was very sincere and her enthusiasm was contagious.

The new banner was re-printed and looked great. Thanks to Carol and Let The Whole World Know for practicing incredible customer service, but more importantly, thanks for doing it with an incredible attitude.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Excellence in Marketing

I recently attended the Toastmasters International Convention in Mashantucket, CT. While there, I had the honor of accepting the Toastmasters Excellence in Marketing award on behalf of District 6 Toastmasters. This was a great achievement. I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude to all of the people that helped to make this possible.

  • To the 5000+ Toastmasters in Districrt 6, thank you for everything that you do every day to promote our organization.
  • To all those that helped with Demo meetings, served as a Club Sponsor or Mentor, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to help with new club growth.
  • To Joan Watson, District Governor, and Allan Bernard, Lieutenant Governor Education and Training, thanks for taking me by the hand and showing me the ropes. I could not have asked for better mentors and your support was unwavering.
  • To the many CEO's, training managers, sales managers for your willingness to listen to the benefits of Toastmasters.
  • As I shared Toastmasters with so many, I am grateful for the Six Critical Steps to Opening More Relationships and Closing More Sales taught in the great book, Silver Bullet Selling. The Bartick brothers have written a wonderful book to keep us on track in Sales.
  • To all of my peers and co-workers at HealthPartners for the support and encouragement they gave me every day. Priceless!
  • Last, but not least, to my wife Nancy. Thanks for 28 wonderful years and for all the support in all that I do.
This was a true team effort and I am grateful for all that you do and for your willingness to do it with An Attitude of Service. You are AWESOME!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grandma's Restaurant Does It Best

This past week, I had a wonderful customer service experience. I had lunch at Grandma’s restaurant in Canal Park in Duluth, MN. Grandma’s has several restaurants in the area and is known for great food and excellent service. I am not a food critic, but I felt the quality of my lunch was not up to their normal standards.
We have all had experiences where we have had issues with our meal. We usually get the same response; excuses, apologies and sometimes compensation. Sadly, these always seem to be routine.
The next day, I talked by phone with Eric Robinson, the General Manager at this location. I informed him that my lunch was not up to what I thought was their normal standards. Eric did several things very well in that conversation and his response was not routine.
First, he apologized for my bad experience and did so on several occasions. Next, he didn’t make any excuses. This was refreshing. He informed me that he would look into the situation and make sure they are taking the steps to eliminate my bad experience in the future.
He then offered to buy me lunch which I declined. And finally, he thanked me for my call. That was a first.
By thanking me for my call, Eric let me know that he felt that my concerns were important. His sincerity came through loud and clear, even over the phone. I felt like I was the most important person in the world to Eric and Grandma’s for the two or three minutes I was on the phone. Well Done!
Thanks to Eric and his customer service skills, I remain a fan of Grandma’s and will continue to eat at their restaurant and recommend it to others.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to An Attitude of Service

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to An Attitude of Service. I'm looking forward to using this tool to share ideas and thoughts with you. I've always been a newsletter writer, but with such a busy schedule, finding time to write a newsletter is becoming more and more difficult. I'm excited to have a tool that will allow me to share short thoughts on a more frequent basis. This will also allow for feedback from you which I truly enjoy.