Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let The Whole World Know

Let The Whole World Know is a business in Duluth that specializes in Indoor and Outdoor Signs, Banners and Graphics. I’ve been using their services for about 8 months to do printing on Toastmasters Banners. Recently, one of the banner’s came back and the printing was a little blurred. They didn’t charge me for the printing.

After discussion with other Toastmasters leaders, we felt that the banner was not exactly what we wanted and decided to start over with a new banner. I called Let the Whole World Know and talked with the owner Carol Willoughby. She was wonderful and before knowing the cost said that she would replace the banner. The thing that really struck me was that even over the phone, she sounded thrilled to have the opportunity to make this right for us. She was very sincere and her enthusiasm was contagious.

The new banner was re-printed and looked great. Thanks to Carol and Let The Whole World Know for practicing incredible customer service, but more importantly, thanks for doing it with an incredible attitude.

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