Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2010! It's that time again . . . time to make New Years Resolutions. This morning, I participated in the Wisconsin Emergency Communications Net by ham radio. During the net, the net controller asked each of us to share our ham radio related goals for the year. I was amazed at how many of the participants responded that they had the same goal as last year, because they never accomplished the goal last year.

There are many sources for goal setting techniques. You can even go to my website at and read my January 2007 newsletter. Here you will find a very simple goal setting technique.

Whatever method you decide to use, there are two very important keys to keep in mind. First, we need to make our goals relevant. If the goals aren't important to us, we will never achieve them. To make your goals relevant, ask yourself why? Why do you want to accomplish this goal.

The more whys that you can list, the more passion you will have for your goal. The more passion that you have to accomplish your goal, the more likely that you will.

The other key is that when we go through the steps to write down our goal, we need to do the work. By taking action every day, we will build the momentum needed to cross the finish line.

If you continue to struggle with your goals, contact me for a private goal coaching session. Don't let another year go by without making progress with your goals. Make 2010 the year that you take your life to a new level.

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