Monday, December 26, 2016

What a Year

Hi! Remember me?

It's been awhile since I have visited you through my blog. While there are several reasons, I'll share two and some of my thoughts about them.

First, I was very busy running an unsuccessful campaign to be elected as the Toastmasters' International Director for Region 4. While it was an unsuccessful run, I would not change the experience for anything. It was wonderful to sit and visit with District Leaders from around the world. I give many thanks to them for their time. I would also like to thank the many people that worked on my team and supported me in this effort. All of you are truly an incredible group of people. I am honored to have your support. It's humbling to see so many give of themselves and their time to help you be successful. What can we learn from this?

Second, my company, specifically the teams that I work with, are going through a reorganization. While no one lost their jobs, a lot of people, including myself were shifted to new managers. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that is in the works with new team names, and building new relationships. So far, it has been time consuming, but has been a smooth transition. I love change. I work in an industry that changes constantly, healthcare. I also work in the Information Technology field, which seems like it changes hourly. Change bring opportunities that we wouldn't have without the change. 

Take the time to appreciate those people that make a difference in your life. Also, when change happens, look for those opportunities that present themselves. I look forward to spending more time with you here.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Take the Time to Learn

To be great at any endeavor, one must study that endeavor.  To be a good doctor, one must study medicine. To be a great engineer, one must study engineering.  Most great leaders achieved excellence through continuous learning, and they understood that to stay great, they had to continue to learn. 

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”     ~Henry Ford

We live in a world where we have an abundance of information available to us. Internet, Apps for our phones and tablets, books and e-books, seminars, webinars, audio and video programs, magazines, and the list goes on.

With all of this information available, am I suggesting that we need to study Leadership 24/7?  Not at all.  We all have other interests, however, to stay in the leadership game and to continue to be effective, I would suggest at least a few minutes each day in the pursuit of learning to lead.

I try to spend at least 15 minutes a day perusing an article, reading a chapter out of a book, or perhaps watching a YouTube video or TED talk.  Some days I do even more. Most of the time, I learn new ideas or concepts.  Sometimes it’s a new way of looking at leadership.  Other times, I might relearn or reinforce something that I already knew.

“Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely.”    ~Jim Rohn

Take a few minutes every day to truly learn about leadership.  Not only will you become a more effective leader, but you will also continue to grow and develop in that role.  Then and only then can you help others to grow in their endeavors.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

An Attitude of Service

We all have a variety of managerial skills available to us when encountering situations that require our leadership. We may be experts with some skills, yet recognize the need to improve or expand other leadership abilities. Each situation will require different combinations of leadership to fulfill the needs of the situation. Regardless of our skill level, and what we need to accomplish, there is one ingredient in successful leadership that needs to rise above all other skills.

No matter how skilled we are as a leader, we need to make sure that we are taking the right attitude into every leadership situation. One of the skills that leaders struggle with is conflict management. These situations are never easy and can end with less than stellar results.

One situation that I have dealt with is when I am approached with  a complaint that so-and-so isn’t doing their job. My first question is, “Why?” The response is usually, “I don’t know.” I’m never really sure how this person expects me to solve a problem when they aren’t certain what the problem is.

We need to find the root cause by asking why. Until we know this, no one will be able to make progress. Before asking this, I will take a step back and ask myself one of the most important questions a leader can ask, “How can I be of service here?” By asking this question, I can enter any leadership situation with a service attitude.

By moving forward with a service attitude, all of our other leadership skills will be elevated to new levels, and we will be able to offer solutions that benefit all parties.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Humor Me

I was working with an intern that had made a mistake in his work. It was not a big deal, as I don’t give work to interns that could be catastrophic if mistakes are made. However, I could see that this person was petrified that he was going to be in big trouble.

I started the conversation by asking what happened. He explained what he was trying to do, what he thought he had done, and how his efforts had completely backfired and messed up our data. I then looked at him and said, “Boy, I’m glad I’ve never done that.” He looked at me while holding his breath, and I smiled. He realized I was just kidding and let out his breath.

I explained that I didn’t mind when people made mistakes. I shared some of the big mistakes I had made in my career, including the time I had completely deleted one of our databases.

We then had a great conversation where I asked him what he learned from the experience and how we could prevent the same kind of mistake in the future. With the pressure off, he was open to suggestions and even came up with some great ideas on his own.

Are there times when I need to be more serious? Absolutely, but they aren’t as often as you think. By using a positive attitude filled with some fun and humor, and releasing any associated tension, we can experience big breakthroughs. In this “laughing” atmosphere, we learn better and are also open to new ideas. I also find that people are more willing to bring problems to my attention.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, be a leader that can take a step back, and look for the humor in the situation. Your teams will be grateful. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Amazing Individuals

This past week, I had the opportunity to do a magic show (with my co-magician, Greg) at an event called Private Pink Party. The event was sponsored by The Circle Of Hope Duluth. The Circle of Hope is an organization dedicated to serving breast cancer patients. I have performed at events like this before, and I always enjoy the positive nature of these events.

The Private Pink Party is a special evening for cancer patients where they are the star. They have a great meal, and enjoy various speakers and entertainers. It truly is a fun event.

I was walking around mingling with the guests, and as you can imagine, most of the ladies were wearing hats or scarves over their heads. I walked up to one of the tables where five women were beginning dinner. There were a couple of empty chairs where meals were placed. There were a few last minute cancellations due to the extreme cold (-18 degrees with a wind chill about -30 degrees.)

One of the ladies asked me if I would be joining them for dinner. I explained that I would not be joining them, but looked forward to doing some magic for them. She looked at me and asked me if I would like a free meal. Before I could answer, she grabbed one of the napkins from the table and said, "Here, wrap this around your head and no one will know the difference." As we all laughed, I thought, "What a priceless moment." She had a wonderful sense of humor.

Here is a group of people that have some major challenges in their lives, and yet have the ability to keep a positive outlook. So many times in our lives, we make a big deal out of the little things. We take something small and allow it to ruin our day. Then if something major happens, we have no idea how to handle it. 

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff . . . and it's all small stuff"  ~Richard Carlson

We can learn from these amazing individuals. They live every day to the fullest, even in the face of great uncertainty. If we adopted that same attitude, what could we accomplish? How much better would we be able to handle major challenges in the future? 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Year with TED

I heard my first TED Talk in 2013. I watched a few of the TED videos that Fall and heard some talks that I really enjoyed. One talk was by Simon Sinek. I immediately wanted to learn more from him and so I purchased and read one of his books. After that, I read a second of his books and have heard him speak in other venues.

As a result of this experience, I thought that just maybe, there might be other speakers on TED that I could learn from. To find out, I set a goal to watch one TED talk every day in 2014. Could I really watch 365 talks? I wasn't sure, but I wanted to challenge myself and take advantage of this opportunity, so I set out on the journey.

I set some ground rules. While there were plenty of talks on subjects I was interested in, I wanted to spend some time on other subjects as well. Also, if I started a talk and I immediately felt like I wanted to go find something else, I needed to complete the talk and hear what they had to say. I'm glad I did. While I heard a few messages that I totally disagreed with, I still learned from the talk. 

Every speaker spoke with passion, which is something that I try to do as well. Where I could, I tried to gauge audience reaction. There were some talks that I thought rose above the rest. They are highlighted below in yellow. I enjoyed these because I liked the message, the delivery, the content or just had a good time watching. These were also talks that I tended to share with others.

I did learn a great deal from these talks and also bought some books by other speakers that I heard. I also listened to a few musical numbers and I became interested in doing something music related again. It's been a while. In these talks, I found ideas, motivation, inspiration, courage, amazement, and experienced many other emotions. Spending a few minutes each day to learn and exercise my mind was time well spent.

Below is the list of the talks that I watched for the year. I share them as a starting point. Pick the ones that sound interesting to you. Or go search the TED site for your own. Enjoy and learn. There are some truly amazing messages and ideas in those videos. 

Happy 2015! You are AWESOME!

Dec 31 – Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers
Dec 30 - Ameenah Gurib-Fakim: Humble plants that hide surprising secrets
Dec 29 - Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve
Dec 28 - Michael Rubinstein: See invisible motion, hear silent sounds. Cool? Creepy? We can't decide!
Dec 27 - Rives: A mockingbird remix of TED2006
Dec 26 - Victor Frankl: Why believe in others
Dec 25 - Murry Gell-Mann: the ancestor of language
Dec 24 - David Poque: The music wars
Dec 23 - Nancy Lublin: Texting that saves lives
Dec 22 - Erin McKean: Go ahead, make up new words!
Dec 21 - James Burchfield: Playing invisible turntables
Dec 20 - Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us
Dec 19 - Matthew White: The modern euphonium
Dec 18 - Mundano: Pimp my ... trash cart?
Dec 17 - Rokia Traore: "Kounandi"
Dec 16 - Dave Troy: Social maps that reveal a city's intersections — and separations
Dec 15 - Taylor Mali: What teachers make
Dec 14 - Kirk Citron: And now, the real news
Dec 13 - Alan Siegel: Let’s simplify legal jargon
Dec 12 - David Byrne, Ethel + Thomas Dolby: "(Nothing But) Flowers" with string quartet
Dec 11 - Jackson Browne: A song inspired by the ocean
Dec 10 - Improv Everywhere: Gotta share!
Dec 09 - Robert Hammond: Building a park in the sky
Dec 08 - Inara George: "Family Tree"
Dec 07 - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys: Teen wonders play bluegrass
Dec 06 - Ryan Merkley: Online video -- annotated, remixed and popped
Dec 05 - Kid President: I think we all need a pep talk
Dec 04 - Sanjay Dastoor: A skateboard, with a boost
Dec 03 - Kitra Cahana: A glimpse of life on the road
Dec 02 - Rob Harmon: How the market can keep streams flowing
Dec 01 - Oren Yakobovich: Hidden cameras that film injustice in the world’s most dangerous place
Nov 30 - Nathaniel Kahn: Scenes from "My Architect"
Nov 29 - Christopher C. Deam: The Airstream, restyled
Nov 28 - Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do
Nov 27 - George Dyson: The story of Project Orion
Nov 26 - Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind
Nov 25 - Ben Saunders: To the South Pole and back — the hardest 105 days of my life
Nov 24 - ShaoLan: Learn to read Chinese ... with ease!
Nov 23 - Catherine Crump: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track about you
Nov 22 - Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself
Nov 21 - Joe Landolina: This gel can make you stop bleeding instantly
Nov 20 - Will Marshall: Tiny satellites show us the Earth as it changes in near-real-time
Nov 19 - Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Fighters and mourners of the Ukrainian revolution
Nov 18 - Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership
Nov 17 - David Grady: How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings
Nov 16 - Diane Benscoter: How cults rewire the brain
Nov 15 - Gary Flake: Is Pivot a turning point for web exploration?
Nov 14 - Tierney Thys and Plankton Chronicles Project: The secret life of plankton
Nov 13 - Matt Killingsworth: Want to be happier? Stay in the moment
Nov 12 - Skylar Tibbits: Can we make things that make themselves?
Nov 11 - Robin Nagle: What I discovered in New York City trash
Nov 10 - Ivan Oransky: Are we over-medicalized?
Nov 09 - Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom
Nov 08 - Munir Virani: Why I love vultures
Nov 07 - Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a good end of life
Nov 06 - Taryn Simon: Photographs of secret sites
Nov 05 - Roberto D'Angelo + Francesca Fedeli: In our baby's illness, a life lesson
Nov 04 - Frans Lanting: Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom
Nov 03 - Qi Zhang: An electrifying organ performance
Nov 02 - Nick Sears: Demo: The Orb
Nov 01 - Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air
Oct 31 - Jake Wood: A new mission for veterans -- disaster relief
Oct 30 - Jinha Lee: Reach into the computer and grab a pixel
Oct 29 - Kare Anderson: Be an opportunity maker
Oct 28 - Elliot Krane: The mystery of chronic pain
Oct 27 - David Hanson: Robots that "show emotion"
Oct 26 - Sergei Lupashin: A flying camera ... on a leash
Oct 25 - Gary Kovacs: Tracking our online trackers
Oct 24 - Rachelle Garniez: "La Vie en Rose"
Oct 23 - Fabien Cousteau: What I learned from spending 31 days underwater
Oct 22 - Joy Sun: Should you donate differently?
Oct 21 - Susan Etlinger: What do we do with all this big data?
Oct 20 - Bahia Shehab: A thousand times no
Oct 19 - Kitra Cahana: My father, locked in his body but soaring free
Oct 18 - Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest
Oct 17 - Sebastian Wernicke: Lies, damned lies and statistics (about TEDTalks)
Oct 16 - Jorge Soto: The future of early cancer detection?
Oct 15 - Myriam Sidibe: The simple power of hand-washing
Oct 14 - Jeff Iliff: One more reason to get a good night’s sleep
Oct 13 - Fabian Hemmert: The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone
Oct 12 - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: Inside a school for suicide bombers
Oct 11 - Nina Tandon: Caring for engineered tissue
Oct 10 - Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
Oct 09 - Birke Baehr: What’s wrong with our food system
Oct 08 - Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep
Oct 07 - Neil Burgess: How your brain tells you where you are
Oct 06 - Daria van den Bercken: Why I take the piano on the road … and in the air
Oct 05 - Suzanne Lee: Grow your own clothes
Oct 04 - Jok Church: A circle of caring
Oct 03 - Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better
Oct 02 - Susan Colantuono: The career advice you probably didn’t get
Oct 01 - Aparna Rao: High-tech art (with a sense of humor)
Sep 30 - Francis de los Reyes: Sanitation is a basic human right
Sep 29 - Anna Mracek Dietrich: A plane you can drive
Sep 28 - Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison
Sep 27 - Shilo Shiv Suleman: Using tech to enable dreaming
Sep 26 - Moshe Safdie: How to reinvent the apartment building
Sep 25 - Eman Mohammed: The courage to tell a hidden story
Sep 24 - Matthew O'Reilly: “Am I dying?” The honest answer
Sep 23 - Jon Nguyen: Tour the solar system from home
Sep 22 - Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling
Sep 21 - Monika Bulaj: The hidden light of Afghanistan
Sep 20 - Michael McDaniel: Cheap, effective shelter for disaster relief
Sep 19 - Avi Reichental: What’s next in 3D printing
Sep 18 - JR: One year of turning the world inside out
Sep 17 - Sarah Parcak: Archeology from space
Sep 16 - Marco Tempest: The electric rise and fall of Nikola Tesla
Sep 15 - Uldus Bakhtiozina: Wry photos that turn stereotypes upside down
Sep 14 - Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?
Sep 13 - Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!
Sep 12 - Péter Fankhauser: Meet Rezero, the dancing ballbot
Sep 11 - Zak Ebrahim: I am the son of a terrorist. Here's how I chose peace
Sep 10 - Dan Barasch: A park underneath the hustle and bustle of New York City
Sep 09 - Becky Blanton: The year I was homeless
Sep 08 - Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics
Sep 07 - Ravin Agrawal: 10 young Indian artists to watch
Sep 06 - Jane Chen: A warm embrace that saves lives
Sep 05 - Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age
Sep 04 - Edward Burtynsky: Photographing the landscape of oil
Sep 03 - Gabriel Barcia-Colombo: Capturing memories in video art
Sep 02 - Tom Wujec: Learn to use the 13th-century astrolabe
Sep 01 - Sally Kohn: Don't like clickbait? Don't click
Aug 31 - Jill Shargaa: Please, please, people. Let's put the 'awe' back in 'awesome'
Aug 30 - Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere
Aug 29 - Jean-Baptiste Michel: The mathematics of history
Aug 28 - Meera Vijayann: Find your voice against gender violence
Aug 27 - JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere
Aug 26 - Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world?
Aug 25 - Ziyah Gafić: Everyday objects, tragic histories
Aug 24 - Sonaar Luthra: Meet the Water Canary
Aug 23 - Sue Austin: Deep sea diving ... in a wheelchair
Aug 22 - Malcolm London: “High School Training Ground”
Aug 21 - Jarrett Krosoczka: Why lunch ladies are heroes
Aug 20 - Marc Koska: 1.3m reasons to re-invent the syringe
Aug 19 - Clint Smith: The danger of silence
Aug 18 - Aziza Chaouni: How I brought a river, and my city, back to life
Aug 17 - Peter Molyneux: Meet Milo, the virtual boy
Aug 16 - Bruno Bowden + Rufus Cappadocia: Blindfold origami and cello
Aug 15 - Billy Collins: Two poems about what dogs think (probably)
Aug 14 - Megan Washington: Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking
Aug 13 - Ray Zahab: My trek to the South Pole
Aug 12 - Pete Alcorn: The world in 2200
Aug 11 - Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable
Aug 10 - Yves Behar: A supercharged motorcycle design
Aug 09 - Joachim de Posada: Don't eat the marshmallow!
Aug 08 - Janet Iwasa: How animations can help scientists test a hypothesis
Aug 07 - Kary Mullis: A next-gen cure for killer infections
Aug 06 - Cameron Sinclair: The refugees of boom-and-bust
Aug 05 - Carolyn Porco: Could a Saturn moon harbor life?
Aug 04 - Saul Griffith: High-altitude wind energy from kites!
Aug 03 - Gever Tulley: Life lessons through tinkering
Aug 02 - Brian Cox: What went wrong at the LHC
Aug 01 - Sam Martin: Claim your "manspace"
Jul 31 - Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success
Jul 30 - Rives: If I controlled the Internet
Jul 29 - Aimee Mullins: My 12 pairs of legs
Jul 28 - John La Grou: A plug for smart power outlets
Jul 27 - Arthur Benjamin: Teach statistics before calculus!
Jul 26 - Dan Dennett: Cute, sexy, sweet, funny
Jul 25 - Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ...
Jul 24 - Blaise Agüera y Arcas: Augmented-reality maps
Jul 23 - Renny Gleeson: Our antisocial phone tricks
Jul 22 - Kiran Bedi: A police chief with a difference
Jul 21 - Stewart Brand: What squatter cities can teach us
Jul 20 - Dean Kamen: Luke, a new prosthetic arm for soldiers
Jul 19 - Jane McGonigal: Massively multi-player… thumb-wrestling?
Jul 18 - Ze Frank: Are you human?
Jul 17 - Nikolai Begg: A tool to fix one of the most dangerous moments in surgery
Jul 16 - Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)
Jul 15 - David Merrill: Toy tiles that talk to each other
Jul 14 - Siegfried Woldhek: The search for the true face of Leonardo
Jul 13 - Daniel Kraft: A better way to harvest bone marrow
Jul 12 - David Bismark: E-voting without fraud
Jul 11 - Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions
Jul 10 - Richard St. John: Success is a continuous journey
Jul 09 - Pearl Arredondo: My story, from gangland daughter to star teacher
Jul 08 - David Kwong: Two nerdy obsessions meet -- and it's magic
Jul 07 - Eric Whitacre: A choir as big as the Internet
Jul 06 - Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived
Jul 05 - Peter Haas: Haiti's disaster of engineering
Jul 04 - Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms
Jul 03 - Shih Chieh Huang: Sculptures that’d be at home in the deep sea
Jul 02 - Marisa Fick-Jordan: The wonder of Zulu wire art
Jul 01 - David Hoffman: What happens when you lose everything
Jun 30 - Jon Bergmann: Just how small is an atom?
Jun 29 - Alisa Miller: The news about the news
Jun 28 - Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen
Jun 27 - Taylor Wilson: Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor
Jun 26 - Lorrie Faith Cranor: What’s wrong with your pa$$w0rd?
Jun 25 - Beau Lotto: Optical illusions show how we see
Jun 24 - Candy Chang: Before I die I want to...
Jun 23 - Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media
Jun 22 - Robin Ince: Science versus wonder?
Jun 21 - Sebastian Thrun: Google's driverless car
Jun 20 - Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English
Jun 19 - Grégoire Courtine: The paralyzed rat that walked
Jun 18 - Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter
Jun 17 - Christopher deCharms: A look inside the brain in real time
Jun 16 - Danielle de Niese: A flirtatious aria
Jun 15 - Laura Trice: Remember to say thank you
Jun 14 - Roy Gould + Curtis Wong: A preview of the WorldWide Telescope
Jun 13 - David Hoffman: Sputnik mania
Jun 12 - Pranksters: Improv Everywhere
Jun 11 - Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days
Jun 10 - Stella Young: I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much
Jun 09 - Yves Rossy: Fly with the Jetman
Jun 08 - Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old app developer
Jun 07 - Erik Johansson: Impossible photography
Jun 06 - Robert Full: The secrets of nature's grossest creatures, channeled into robots
Jun 05 - Stephen Friend: The hunt for "unexpected genetic heroes"
Jun 04 - Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self
Jun 03 - Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning
Jun 02 - Ray Kurzweil: Get ready for hybrid thinking
Jun 01 - Bruno Maisonnier: Dance, tiny robots!
May 31 - Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster -- from scratch
May 30 - Theo Jansen: My creations, a new form of life
May 29 - Kitra Cahana: Stories of the homeless and hidden
May 28 - Rives: Reinventing the encyclopedia game
May 27 - Eric Whitacre: Virtual Choir Live
May 26 - Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination
May 25 - Becci Manson: (Re)touching lives through photos
May 24 - David Gallo: Underwater astonishments
May 23 - Sheila Nirenberg: A prosthetic eye to treat blindness
May 22 - Imogen Heap: "Wait It Out"
May 21 - Matthew Childs: 9 life lessons from rock climbing
May 20 - Stefan Sagmeister: Designing with slogans
May 19 - Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe
May 18 - Rives: A story of mixed emoticons
May 17 - Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning
May 16 - Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome
May 15 - Deborah Gordon: What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet
May 14 - Rives: The 4 a.m. mystery
May 13 - Anand Agarawala: Rethink the desktop with BumpTop
May 12 - Steve Jurvetson: Model rocketry
May 11 - Dean Ornish: The killer American diet that's sweeping the planet
May 10 - William Kamkwamba: How I built a windmill
May 09 - Randall Munroe: Comics that ask “what if”
May 08 - Stanley McChrystal: The military case for sharing knowledge
May 07 - Kenichi Ebina: My magic moves
May 06 - Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill
May 05 - Allison Hunt: How to get (a new) hip
May 04 - Marco Tempest: And for my next trick, a robot
May 03 - Lucy McRae: How can technology transform the human body?
May 02 - Renny Gleeson: 404, the story of a page not found
May 01 - Steven Addis: A father-daughter bond, one photo at a time
Apr 30 - Andrew Bastawrous: Get your next eye exam on a smartphone
Apr 29 - Julia Sweeney: Letting go of God
Apr 28 - Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating
Apr 27 - Wade Davis: Gorgeous photos of a backyard wilderness worth saving
Apr 26 - Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice
Apr 25 - Raghava KK: Shake up your story
Apr 24 - James Patten: The best computer interface? Maybe ... your hands
Apr 23 - Heather Knight: Silicon-based comedy
Apr 22 - Maz Jobrani: A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar . . .
Apr 21 - Sarah Lewis: Embrace the near win
Apr 20 - Ian Ritchie: The day I turned down Tim Berners-Lee
Apr 19 - Terry Moore: Why is ‘x’ the unknown?
Apr 18 - Einstein the Parrot: A talking, squawking parrot
Apr 17 - Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral
Apr 16 - Yossi Vardi: We’re worried about local warming ... in your lap
Apr 15 - Jeremy Kasdin: The flower-shaped starshade that might help us detect Earth-like planets
Apr 14 - Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly: Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best
Apr 13 - Pilobolus perform “Symbiosis”
Apr 12 - David Brooks: Should you live your resume . . . Or your eulogy?
Apr 11 - Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough
Apr 10 - David Sengeh: The sore problem of prosthetic limbs
Apr 09 - Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world
Apr 08 - Greg Gage: The cockroach beatbox
Apr 07 - Melissa Marshall: Talk nerdy to me
Apr 06 - Jennifer Golbeck: The curly fry conundrum: Why social media “likes” say more than you may realize
Apr 05 - Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk
Apr 04 - Allan Adams: The discovery that could rewrite physics
Apr 03 - Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes
Apr 02 - Daffodil Hudson: Is this the cure for stage fright?
Apr 01 - Hannah Brencher: Love letters to strangers
Mar 31 - Reuben Margolin: Sculpting waves in wood and time
Mar 30 - Del Harvey: The strangeness of scale at Twitter
Mar 29 - Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance
Mar 28 - Markus Fischer: A robot that flies like a bird
Mar 27 - Matt Mills: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality
Mar 26 - Marco Tempest: A magical tale (with augmented reality)
Mar 25 - Ziauddin Yousafzai: My daughter, Malala
Mar 24 - Damian Palin: Mining minerals from seawater
Mar 23 - Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED Talk
Mar 22 - Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet
Mar 21 - Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space
Mar 20 - BLACK: My journey to yo-yo mastery
Mar 19 - Christopher Soghoian: Government surveillance — this is just the beginning
Mar 18 - Kartick Satyanarayan: How we rescued the “dancing” bears”
Mar 17 - Liza Donnelly: Drawing on humor for change
Mar 16 - Mark Shaw: One very dry demo
Mar 15 - Maria Bezaitis: The surprising need for strangeness
Mar 14 - Toby Shapshak: You don’t need an app for that
Mar 13 - Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion
Mar 12 - Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work
Mar 11 - Clayton Cameron: A-rhythm-etic. The math behind the beats
Mar 10 - Sally Kohn: Let’s try emotional correctness
Mar 09 - Tavi Gevinson: A teen just trying to figure it out
Mar 08 - Manu Prakash: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami
Mar 07 - Gabe Barcia-Colombo: My DNA vending machine
Mar 06 - Marco Tempest: A cyber-magic card trick like no other
Mar 05 - Keith Barry – Brain Magic
Mar 04 - Katherine Kuchenbecker: The technology of touch
Mar 03 - Eddi Reader: “What You’ve Got”
Mar 02 - Stew: “Black Men Ski”
Mar 01 - Lewis Pugh: My mind-shifting Everest swim
Feb 28 - Henry Lin: What we can learn from galaxies far, far away
Feb 27 - Ahn Trio: A modern take on piano, violin, cello
Feb 26 - Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader
Feb 25 - John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding
Feb 24 - Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes
Feb 23 - Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel
Feb 22 - Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second
Feb 21 - Hillel Cooperman: Legos for grownups
Feb 20 - Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod
Feb 19 - Camille Seaman: Photos from a storm chaser
Feb 18 - Ludwick Marishane: A bath without water
Feb 17 - John Legend: “True Colors”
Feb 16 - Yann Dall’Aglio: Love—you’re doing it wrong
Feb 15 - Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection
Feb 14 - Rupal Patel: Synthetic voices, as unique as fingerprints
Feb 13 - David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips
Feb 12 - Erik Schlangen: A “self-healing” asphalt
Feb 11 - Nick Veasey: Exposing the invisible
Feb 10 - Julia Sweeney: It’s time for “The Talk”
Feb 09 - McKenna Pope: Want to be an activist? Start with your toys
Feb 08 - Aparna Rao: Art that craves your attention
Feb 07 - Alex Wissner-Gross: A new equation for intelligence
Feb 06 - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys: Bluegrass virtuosity from . . .  New Jersey? 
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