Monday, October 27, 2014

A Heartfelt Thanks

I recently had the opportunity to serve as the Heart Walk Chair for two years, for the Northland Heart Walk in Duluth, Minnesota. It was truly an honor to serve with so many passionate and committed people. I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to the many people that helped make the event a success, both years.

I'll start with the American Heart Association staff. They were always there to help with resources and to answer questions. Their guidance kept us on track, they answered many questions and helped to extinguish many last minute fires.

Next, I'd like to thanks those that served on the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). These professional business leaders brought there expertise and connections to the table and helped bring in those sponsors that are so important to the success of an event like this. Thanks so much for your time and talents.

We had so many people helping out during the event itself. Students and staff from the University of Minnesota, The ELT, The AHA staff, Radio and TV personalities, our sponsors, and past chairs and ELT members.

Finally, thanks to the team captains and walkers for organizing their walking teams and for fund raising. It was an incredible experience to watch all of you come together for these amazing events.

During one of the TV interviews, I was asked, "What do you enjoy most about the Heart Walk?" I replied, "My favorite part was the people. Watching so many passionate people come together for the cause of eradicating heart disease is inspiring." Your passion truly is inspiring. Thanks you for that gift.

Heart disease touches every one of us. Everyone knows someone with high blood pressure or high diabetes or someone that has had a heart attack or stroke. It's everywhere. It's in our homes, our families, in our churches and our schools. It's in our workplace. 

Thanks to the AHA for their mission to combat heart disease in all of it's forms and thanks to all of you that helped make my tenure as your chair fun, inspiring and successful. 

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